Have You Ever Been To Pay Day Loan Hell?

A buddy of mine was telling me about submitting an application for a pay day loan and he said it was among the worst experiences of his life. I checked out his narrative by submitting an application for a pay day loan and I CAn’t believe what occurred. I would like to say up front that I ‘d no intention of accepting a pay day loan but that actually was not going to occur so I did not have to worry about that. !

I waited until Monday morning and I used bogus advice together with a disposable cellular phone to make an application for a pay day loan. Additionally , I used a free email address and I applied at about 3 distinct internet cash advance businesses. I CAn’t believe what occurred. I truly do not understand how a pay day loan business that’s valid ever makes a pay day loan.

Should you go to Google and set pay day loans in the search box a lot of results will pop up. Should you apply at the very first three or four your going to get that all your going to get is junk. You won’t ever be offered a pay day loan. After you enter in all your info and apply you may begin to get e-mails with issues like, ” Your Approved”, $600 Deposit Pending, etc etc. However, what you will find should you click the links inside those e-mails is you will be taken back to the exact same websites where you only applied for loans and you’re going to wind up with tons more empty promises. I really do not understand the intention of this. Why would anybody set up a method in this way. But I am going to say in case you scroll down and read the fine print it’ll let you know that the areas you’re asking for a cash advance at aren’t pay day loan businesses. They may be gathering all your personal info and your never going to get a pay day loan. !

What I’d worry about more than anything is what’s the phony pay day loan business going to do with all your private info. One thing I can guarantee you is your never going to get a pay day loan from these folks. Never in your own life. So be awfully careful where you input your private info.

Should you make the error of requesting a pay day loan in any way the phony pay day loan businesses out there they’re asking for your most private advice. I ‘d be quite cautious what personal information I input into a on-line form. Trust me you don’t need all these phony pay day loan businesses with your social security number, bank info and etc.

In the event you are really going to make an application for a pay day loan go to their place in person. In the event you can not subsequently apply over the telephone. Inquire them up front in case your info is protected. Are they going to share or sell it to others. Because trust me the bogus on-line pay day loan businesses will market and sell the personal advice to everyone. And they’re going to lie to a number of the folks they sell your info to.

Just a couple of days after I applied for the pay day loans I began getting calls from fast speaking sales people telling me that my car loan I ‘d recently applied for had been approved. as soon as I told the folks phoning that I ‘d not applied for a auto loan most of them hung up at the same time. A few insisted that yes I ‘d applied for an automobile loan and I was approved. Subsequently I began getting calls telling me about all sorts of wonderful things I were approved for from lines of credit I needed to pay for to instruction loans they said I was approved for but I ‘d never applied. At one time before I turned the cell phone off I was getting 100 or more calls a day. All from folks who I ‘d never requested to phone me. So yes the phony pay day loan firms were selling my info.

So remember in the event you do apply for a payday loan never do it online. Never enter your private info in a on line type. Constantly scroll down and read all fine print. Submit an application for a pay day loan just in person or over the phone. And ask them when they’re going to discuss your info with others. Should they say they’re tell them thanks but no thanks.

I assure you that in the event you apply at one of many bogus pay day loan firms your never going to get a pay day loan from them. All they’re there for is to pick your advice and once they’ve your info your going to begin to get spammed and I ensure you your phone will begin calling off the hook but it’s simply going to be more junk. Yes they’re now spamming you over the phone.

done a truly dumb thing couple of weeks past!!! applied for pay day loans and gave all my details, type a/c and long number, everything, and now I ‘ve lots of crap e-mails and its own filling up my e-mails additionally. have had phone calls late through the night and now having pop ups on websites. please help it is driving me crazy. Did not get a loan in the end after getting hounded always, do not understand what to do.

I applied for one of this loan because im truly in a poor scenario with cash right now. And I keep getting all these e-mails and call about being qualified for financing. So I think I got nominal. Now im frightened because I gave them all my feel advice. I only get a ssi check in my account on the first. And I dont wont them to take the little cash i do get. So what can I do to stop this from happen. !

Oh. but that’s just the start. Wait until you commence getting the phone calls from fraudulent debt collectors which are tied in to your payday advance info. They phone and tell you you’ve taken out a cash advance and either not payed it away or you’ve paid it away but the check you used to pay it away with is poor so they’ve filed or are going to file a charge in court unless you’re eager to send them the cash Western Union or with a prepaid charge card. It is all a scam tied in with the cash advance info you enter on among the many scam websites. The FBI and your state Attorney General has a lot of info on those slugs.

I assessed the email address I set up today and it’s full. And its a G Post address. That in its self was quite a feat. I still don’t know the reason of firms such as these. Your never going to get a pay day loan from them. Its never going to take place. No manner.

So accurate—when I applied for a payday loan that’s precisely what occurred. I ended up having to have my bank accounts frozen due to unauthorized trades. Nothing is RISK-FREE on those websites. Adhere to the brick and mortar places–they must abide by state laws or be out of business. !

Your quite welcome. I simply could not believe what the phony pay day loan businesses were up to. It’s out there really. Only assessed the phony email address I used for this particular storyline and there are over 5000 e-mails in there. All from you estimated it fraudulent cash advance businesses.

Great hub. I wrote a hub against Payday Loans, but not because of the internet scammers; the interest is CRAZY!! You can get trapped and never have the ability to get free, where the majority of your pay check is eaten up prior to you even get it.